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Special Operations Prep

Special Operations Training and Prep School
Special Operations Training and Prep School
Special Operations Training and Prep School
Special Operations Training and Prep School


Predator has tirelessly carved out a reputation for arguably the best high threat security operations hard skill development training in the country. With that in mind, we feel that we can make a big difference throwing our collective knowledge and experience behind another area we have a passion for. Helping some of the young adults that decide to take the difficult and dangerous path of becoming future Warriors in the Special Operations community.

In true Predator fashion, this 5 day pipeline will not be for the faint of heart. Designed at its core, by prior service Special Operations Veterans and utilizing Predator’s proprietary training methodology to get results in ultra-compressed timeframes. Special Operations Prep is designed to find your weakness and give you the tools to transform them into strengths.

The various Special Programs tout drop rates of 80% and more in some cases. It’s not all about just being in great shape. In the words of one of our own that has recently endured one of the toughest training programs in the world “It’s not just being in good shape, everyone here is in great shape, but like our ethos say its about a common man with an uncommon desire.” Despite the concentration on candidates’ physical capabilities, the drop rates refuse to waiver as the years go on. Clearly there is something else that is required to be successful in this crushingly competitive career path.

As student candidates progress through this extreme course, they will find out a lot about themselves and if this type of career is truly for them. If it is, Predator will peel back the layers of their prospective pipelines and reveal many of the secrets to achieving success. Make no mistake, our big boy rules approach is designed with one thing in mind, to harden you the fuck up for success in your upcoming pipeline and survivability in the Special Operations Community.



Reach out to PSD fast as space is limited.  844 487 7843

Train… Equip… Weaponize…


CAGE CODE: 7S5F7 | DUNS# 057511918

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