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Predator Security and Defense Kalispell MT

Practical Self Defense Training

PSD’s Practical Self Defense packages concentrate heavily on developing a very basic low level of training. These intense two day training pipelines concentrate on dramatically elevating a persons muscle memory to deliver tremendous disabling force even under extreme duress.

Like its big brothers PTUCS Special Operator and PTUCS Law Enforcement pipelines which were born out of real world combat experiences. It is purpose built to stack on top of existing skillsets in hand to hand as well as weapon fighting stances and build muscle memory to consistently target critical “available” targets. What we mean by available, is a target that is one, always available despite opponents loadout and two, critical do deliver immediate disabling force. Again like its big brothers it is designed to target the real threat the opponent mind and thought process, not what he may be attacking you with. It does you little good to do a disarmament only to find out you have a malfunctioning weapon system and now you have a fist fight on your hands. Why not just take the opponent offline at the same time. After all the closest distance between two points is always a straight line. We have yet to see a knife stab someone or a gun get up and shoot someone. They are but an extension of an adversary’s will to do you harm.

As students navigate our various combatives pipelines it becomes immediately clear that this is a system that is built on the combat mindset not competition. Our goal has always been instilling maximum efficiency, economy of motion and disabling force in a very short amount of training time.

Training Topics

  • History
    • The power of San Soo
    • Ancient warrior technology tactically compliant today
  • Attacks from the front
  • Grabs and chokes
  • Edged weapon defense
    • Targeting the threat not the weapon
  • PSD weapon disarmament
    • Targeting the threat not the weapon
    • From the front
  • Making your lowest level of training the highest in any room
  • One technique neutralization of any threat
  • Escape from captivity
  • Surveillance detection
  • OODA Loop
  • Letting your opponent knock himself out
  • Developing power
  • Developing balance
  • Gross motor skills and why
  • Practical test


CAGE CODE: 7S5F7 | DUNS# 057511918

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